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[MTN 주챔콜] 6월 18일 금요일 방송 - 김현구 전문가

#김현구 #종목상담 #주챔TV
홈페이지 :
회원가입문의 : 1644-6646 (평일 오전 9시 ~ 오후 6시)
신용카드 : BC, 삼성 무이자할부 6개월

본 영상은 06월 18일 방송한 것이므로 투자에 차질 없으시길 바랍니다. 또한, 제공하는 정보는 투자판단에 대한 조언일 뿐, 해당 종목의 가치의 상승과 하락을 보장하지는 않습니다.

김현구주챔TV :김현구주챔TV
문현진주챔TV :문현진주챔TV
주식챔피언 주식스쿨 :주식챔피언
주식챔피언 Google Play 앱 :

Toshiba SA7150 No Sound Left Channel

The beast is back with a new problem
Dũng Trung : Very good. TKS YOU!
Extremelocura : Very informative video. thank you
arthur hazar : Thx Sir it was realy helpful
Afzaal Khan.M : Another excellent diagnoses .fault Nicely elaborated
Boo LuQuette : Yep I like dat design also , and I'll bet a quarter to a dollar dat the road map is designed well also in the service manual... Great trouble shooting for sure .....
I just can't believe dat certain people will troll your channel with the thumbs down, I have a couple downers on my 2 channels also, and I don't let dat get to me at all....... Love, Peace and Crackling grease Mon Ami..... I'll see ya in the next one....

MIELE G7392SCVi: Installation and Test "Auto" Wash

Installation of Miele G7392SCVi dishwasher with Autodos and Wifi - installation instructions are a little difficult to decipher (for a novice like me!) - and a test run of the "Auto" programme which Miele recommend using for most scenarios as it adjusts automatically to the load and dirt levels - it even adjusts the amount of Autodos detergent apparently. I'm really pleased with the dishwasher so far. Let me know if you'd like to see any more of it!
Mrlaundry101 :
Jerrod six : Thanks so much for this video. I enjoyed watching the install and seeing the dishwasher. Will be watching for your other vids of different programs.
wasber rye : Great video!

Little tip, you can put the big knives upwards... Makes Them even more clean
GodDay b : Can you show how it cleans burnt on pans and pots on 75? :)
Andreas Machas : Can you please make a video in the intensive 75 cycle fully loaded ???




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