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Bel BD320 Digital Delay Repair

An easy fix on the bench today with this classic Bel delay.
I was hoping to play with the Trigger inputs but I could not find any documentation so as it is working great I decided not to experiment.
Enjoy some mindless knob twiddling instead.
PRCRSTNTR : impressive !

5 Sets Schlafhorst Saurer BD320 Year 2007~ 2008

Suppliers of Pre-owned \u0026 Secondhand Textile Spinning Machinery.
Post by Team Kevin lee

Klark Teknik 3rd Dimension BBD-320 Demo

Running some single osc pulsewave sound sequences through the new BBD-320 and checking the different settings.
When i reach under the unit, i switch the mono/stereo switch, which doesn't seem to make a big difference when feeding the same signal to both inputs.
J Saul Kane :
Eugene Kapishon : It sounds good, I got mine, but what's with the stereo/mono modes sounding exactly the same? They both sound exactly the same and in stereo no matter how hard you pan your instrument, the signal levels out on both channels. This effs up with stereo image/field big time. If this has no remedy to it, I might just have to return it.
SuperEventide : Sounds great for the money!
J T : I want one. What does it do again?
Texaco : Sounds really amazing!
Folk Fingers : Don't know how original sounds nor do I care but this one sounds very useful to me.
J Saul Kane : sounds nothing like the roland.. they cant make good bbd chips these days..




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