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Seagate fix TTB4398A0 ST3750640AS ST3400820AS ST3750840AS ST3320620AS ST3360320AS ST3
Tutorial: how to fix hard drive by swap the PCB board
1. How to find the correct donor board
2. Why the PCB board firmware (BIOS) transfer is a MUST?
3. What is the PCB board firmware (BIOS)?
4. Where is the PCB board firmware (BIOS)?
5. How to transfer the hard drive PCB board firmware (BIOS)?
Technical support:

Seagate ST3320620AS 7200.10 Arm Misalignment

C:\ DOS : Sounds like the heads are destroyed.

PCB 100406533 for Seagate ST3320620AS Hard Drive

This video will show you how to find a replacement seagate hard drive PCB circuit board and steps to swap the PCB boards for data recovery purpose. Hope this video can help you repair your hard drive. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.




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